Thursday, February 15, 2007

posting a video-mission completed:)What's the next one?

I have just posted a new video thanks to my computer guru student Cagrı and Glady's.I had assumed it was very hard to do that but I understood that it is pretty easy.I'll definitely use more videos in my class blog to make my ss more active in the class blog.I hope it works:)
Bye for now


Monday, February 12, 2007

integrating blogging to classes-my experiences

Last week was a very busy week for me because of my new class and my attempts to integrate blogging to my class. Almost 50% of my ss have blogs now but I have to admit that it took a lot of time to make them to get used to blogging. My intention of using blogging in my class is to make my ss produce sth in other words;to create them an opportunity t o use the new language they learn.I assigned them two writing tasks and many of them managed to complete them. However I'm not sure about how to correct them since they have serious mistakes.I don't want to discourage them but at the same time some mistakes have to be corrected. I sometimes post a general comment to my ss' blogs and write they need to revise their paragraphs again.I 'm thinking of some other solutions and checking B4B mails a lot to overcome that difficulty.I also think that I should involve my ss more in the class blog since it is easier to control what's going on.Videos,some reading texts , even voice messages can be useful in involving my ss in the class blog.I hope it works.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

My new class blog

Hi again:)
I have created a class blog for my new class which is going to start on Monday.As it is my first class blog ,I'm very excited and enthusiastic about it.I have written an introductory message in Turkish since my new ss are very low level ss who have repeated the same module twice.I will post a new entry to that blog about how to get an account and create a blog, in Turkish ,if they have problems about these things.Moreover I added some links to that blog.I'm always open to everyone's ideas and suggestions so if you have any ideas or suggestions,lets share and learn from our experiences:)
Best wishes