Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An interesting activity to be used in language classes

Hi again,
In this post, I would like to share an interesting activity to be used in language classes. Two months ago my friend Rita,an English teacher in Argentina, asked me if her sts could make an interview with me about Turkey. I accepted her offer and her students
interviewed me in June using yahoo messenger and another voice recording tool. After that they compiled some information about Turkey to be be displayed on their class wiki.They also did other interviews with other language teachers from different countries to get some information or learn things they wonder about them.I found this activity both purposeful,exciting and fun.It is also a good example of how technology can be integrated to language classes.As students need more productive activities,this activity can be integrated to many language classes or programs as speaking or presentation tasks. The link to Rita's class wiki is below.

What do you think about such communicative,purposeful activities? If you have done such activities , do not hesitate to add it in the comment section.
Have fun!