Monday, January 28, 2008

RSS feeds

Hi again,
Omg! I think I've fallen behind . I need to complete lots of assignments and prepare my own presentation. This post is to complete my assignment in blogging for educators. I've watched a video about RSS and read an article related to it. I'll answer some questions about RSS in this post.The first question I need to answer is about what I understood and didn't grasp about RSS.
In my opinion RSS is great tool to check what's new on your favorite blogs.After reading the article I mentioned in the beginning of my post,I created an account in bloglines and subscribed to my favorite blogs.It was really nice to have seen all the new posts on one page.

Another question I need to answer is about how it's important in the classroom.Well,I need to mention a mistake I made last year while blogging with my A2B class. Apart from our class blog, I asked my students to create their own blogs to post their assignments and reflections.Of course I needed to check them. Can you guess how I monitored their blogs? There were twenty blogs and I checked them one by one by going to their blogs every night!! Therefore I wasted a lot of time checking and commenting on their assignments.If I had known RSS readers, I'd have spent my time on the other things. In my opinion it's important in the classroom both for students and teachers.If there 's a class blog and the students are required to keep their own blogs, the teacher and other students can subscribe both to the class blog and students' blogs . They can check whether there's something new or not without wasting time( unlike the way I did it:). Students can also subscribe some other blogs related to EFL and check their RSS readers whether there's something new or not in a really short time.

Finally,I definitely believe it can be helpful in my blogging experience.I'll definitely use bloglines to check what's new either on my favorite blogs or on my students' blogs to save time and learn how to set up an aggregator to help people who are interested in my blog in order not to make the same mistake again:)

I hope I answered all the questions successfully.I'm really looking forward to reading your comments:)

Happy blogging

Thursday, January 24, 2008

EVO 2008

Hi again,
Time has flown. EVO sessions started last week and I'm really excited about them. This year it's really different from EVO 2007 as I'm in three different groups and I will co-moderate some sessions in Advanced Tips &Tricks Group in week 5 . As I'm a member of three groups, it is taking a lot of time to check daily digests and digest:) ,boomark or respond to them.I feel much secure about some tools as I tried to use them last year so I think I will focus on details more this year. I hope to make more use of webtools with my students after the sessions end.I will try to update this blog about my adventures and reflect upon the things I will learn.